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Proprietary Rights
All the illustrations, designs, icons, graphs, pictures, images and any other elements of this web are the exclusive property of Origem.
The copy or use of such elements does not imply transfer of any proprietary rights. Reproduction, publishing, transfer, changes or distribution by any means of the elements of this web site (software included) is expressly forbidden.

For any further doubt, query or suggestion, please send your comments by email: or post a letter to: 
Rua do Emissor,
172 Canidelo
Our Guarantee
The items offered in this web site are a selection of products of Origem collection and satisfy the same quality and guarantee requirements as the items sold in Origem stores.
With every item you will find the following information:

  • Name of the item;
  • Picture/s of the item;
  • Description of the item;
  • Sizes and colours* available;
  • Composition;
  • Washing Instructions;
  • Price (in the corresponding currency).

 *Origem Line has made an effort to show the colour of garments as closest as reality as possible. However, the colours that appear on the screen can vary in accordance with the quality of your computer monitor. Origem cannot guarantee that the colours you can see on your monitor are exactly like the real colours.